7 August 2023

The digital reality that has just been fiction

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday life, and development is progressing at lightning speed. At the Danish Security Fair we will again be visited by Nikolaj Sonne, and this year his lecture will be about ChatGPT, thinking machines and technology gallop.

“How do I transport a suitcase full of cash safely across town?”

This is how Nikolaj Sonne asks his phone in a video he has recorded as a small teaser for his lecture, which he will give at the Danish Security Fair at the end of August.

Today, artificial intelligence is so much more than just search engines and self-driving cars. The development has proceeded at such a high pace that most people have not been able to keep up.

For many, it probably felt like ChatGPT was suddenly just there from one day to the next – the artificial intelligence that can do everything from writing poems to giving correct answers to complicated questions that most people spend hours solving.

Or as the former So ein ding host explains to ChatGPT while poking his index finger at the temple:

"This machine, which is so insanely capable that it actually seems as if someone is home."

The new technological leaps and bounds

When Nikolaj Sonne will speak at the Danish Security Fair, it will be the third time the popular tech expert has visited the fair.

The two previous years that Nikolaj Sonne has been on the poster, his lectures have been about technology and the possibilities of the future. This year, both topics will be focal points in the same presentation, but seen from a new perspective:

“Artificial intelligence can convert the real world's analog clutter of information into digital insights. Although video and audio recognition, synthetic speech and digital assistants are commonplace, it is with technological leaps such as ChatGPT and other LLMs (artificial intelligence models, ed.) that the focus has really come on the easy-to-learn machines," explains Nikolaj Sonne.

Project manager for the Danish Security Fair, Charlotte Buus, is also pleased that Nikolaj Sonne is once again on the programme:

"His presentation is top-of-the-line, as there are so many possibilities with ChatGPT. Also opportunities we don't know about yet," she says and continues:

"His previous presentation at the Danish Security Fair has been about various topics, and it has been lively and extremely exciting. Therefore, I look forward to hearing his presentation, and I am sure that I can learn more about how this new technology can help my work in the future.”

Nikolaj Sonne himself says that after the lecture, the audience will be smarter about artificial intelligence and what drives these thought processes. In the lecture, you will learn about the many concrete possibilities in their applications and get fascinating narrators from a digital reality that has just been science fiction.

And the question of how to get a suitcase full of contacts safely across town?

You have to attend Nikolaj Sonne's lecture at the Danish Security Fair to get the answer.

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