SikkerhedsBranchen gets new members at the Danish Security Fair

When MESSE C organized the Danish Security Fair for the first time in 2018, SikkerhedsBranchen was skeptical and reluctant to get involved. Because could the Danish Security Fair really be a success?

Today, the director of SikkerhedsBranchen, Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen, takes off his hat for MESSE C.

"MESSE C has shown that they meant it when they said they wanted to create a popular trade fair for everyone who works with safety."

Therefore, over the years, SikkerhedsBranchen has become more and more involved in the fair, and today they are an indispensable partner. They are the organizers of seven different presentations during the two days that the Danish Security Fair takes place.

"We have gone from almost no involvement to now where we go all in and also have a stand," says Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen.

Important presence

It also has its advantages for SikkerhedsBranchen that they are present at the Danish Security Fair.

Denmark's largest security fair provides the opportunity for SikkerhedsBranchen to meet their members, share their knowledge, but also make new contacts and gain new members in their organisation.

"We represent the entire security industry, and since the fair is a meeting place for the industry and end customers, it is important that we are also visible," says Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen.

The director also says that he thinks it is important that there is a safety fair because it will be a melting pot where everyone from every corner of the industry can meet. This makes the Danish Security Fair unique, because there are no other fairs in Denmark aimed at people who work professionally with security.

Meetings, the future and social gatherings

Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen finds it difficult to single out a single meeting that he believes should not be missed at the Danish Security Fair on 30 and 31 August. He thinks you should take at least two:

"I think you have to find a meeting that is relevant to the field you work in. And then I think you should come to one of the meetings we hold, which is about what the future looks like in terms of security.”

Personally, the director of SikkerhedsBranchen is looking forward to the Danish Security Fair because it gives him the opportunity to meet industry professionals and old friends he has not spoken to for a long time. So it is the social element that also attracts him.

And there will be ample opportunity to socialize at the Danish Security Fair. Almost 100 exhibitors and an expectation of up to 1,700 visitors will make the exhibition halls in Fredericia buzz when Denmark's largest security fair takes place for the fourth time on August 30-31.

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August 2023