10 July 2023

Popular event is back at the Danish Security Fair

When the exhibition halls in MESSE C are transformed into Denmark's largest safety fair at the end of August, a special event will of course still be part of the programme.

In everyday life they are competitors, but when the five manufacturers Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, i-PRO and Hanwha, who all produce security and surveillance equipment, come together on stage for the Live Video Event at the Danish Security Fair, that is not the focus.

On the other hand, they make a point of presenting each of their showcases – a demonstration where they display their surveillance equipment and show the audience what they can do via a large screen.

"You cannot compare the different cases 1:1, because there are five different scenarios that the producers will show. But all the presentations will be based on this year's theme," explains Jan Julin, who works for Bosch and is the mastermind behind the Live Video Event.

This year's theme

At this year's Live Video Event, the headline will be "AI – Video Analysis." Therefore, the five manufacturers will show equipment and technologies related to artificial intelligence.

There is room for 150 guests to follow along on stage, when each producer gets 5-6 minutes to show what exactly their equipment can be used for.

"The aim is to show the latest technologies to everyone interested - and the good thing is that people talk about what they have experienced at the Live Video Event several years after they have seen it," says Jan Julin.

The Danish Security Fair takes place on 30 and 31 August and on both days the Live Video Event will be an item on the program - exactly as at the three previous fairs.

From pioneer to professional

The event itself has developed and improved over the years, and Jan Julin is proud of that:

"It has gone from being a pioneering project to being a professional setup. It's more organized than it was to begin with, and it's more open to what the producers want to show.”

The Danish Security Fair is a meeting point for the security industry, and there will be installers, consultants and end users among the fair participants. Everyone will get something out of watching the Live Video Event, no matter what group you belong to.

"The installers and advisers can e.g. use it to tell their customers about the technology – seeing is believing. The end users who come and watch the Live Video Event will see with their own eyes how the technology works in reality," says Jan Julin.

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